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Christopher Tidball

Alarming Reality of Deep State

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May 26, 2020

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Alarming Reality of Deep State Takes Form in Timely Thriller
New Book, Deep State, Rooted in Real-Life Nefarious Network of Insurance Fraud

Jacksonville, FL – When a political party chairman loses his life in a car blast, no one connects it to a house explosion that takes the life of a young, popular actress. That is, until $75 million dollars in potential insurance payouts begins to draw eerie parallels.

In his second stand alone political crime thriller, Deep State, author Christopher Tidball reprises protagonist Jake McFarland, a south-central Los Angeles insurance investigator, whose investigations take him through a crime network that leads to some of the highest operatives in a shadow government.

The timely nature of Deep State, Tidball’s second novel, is a political game of the highest order, taking readers through some of today’s headlines of conspiracy theories, acts of terror, divisive politics and the network behind controlling public perception – and all during a national election cycle. A nationally recognized expert on insurance fraud, a $100 billion industry, which gives root to Tidball’s plot, began well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet much of what he portrays in Deep State uncannily mirrors the mood, news stories and suspicions bleeding their way into the psyche of the American public today. But, it’s fiction, right?Indeed, it is. However, this bubbling cauldron of suspense is uncanny in its reflection of today’s headlines. Deep State takes readers square into the center of a Presidential election, a terror cell, political operatives, Russian spies, drug smugglers, assassinations and, probably, the most sinister threat to the American public – the insatiable need for more power and absolute control.

Deep State, and its predecessor, Swoop & Squat, Tidball’s first book, is based in the alarming reality that insurance fraud is frequently used to fund various nefarious activities, namely the illegal drug trade. Tidball brings to light this well-kept secret through his novels featuring fraud investigator, Jake McFarland (The Adjuster), a former Los Angeles police officer.

Also reprised in this second thriller are Ray Moreno, former CIA operative and McFarland’s best friend and love interest/former girlfriend, Director of FBI CounterTerrorism, Carolyn Newsome. Along with a host of edgy characters and shady dealmakers, fanaticism in all forms reigns supreme as the team works to beat the clock to keep an election, and the American public, safe from an attack.

Deep State is a wild ride of colorful characters with passionate ideologies. With no shortage of excitement, Deep State adeptly demonstrates the connection of local criminal activity to high-crime networks and gives definition to the murmurs of shadow government speculations.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Christopher Tidball is a serial author and widely recognized expert on the insurance industry. Nationally renowned industry resource/speaker on insurance fraud, an illegal enterprise second only to that of narcotics trafficking, Tidball has testified in state and federal court on insurance related matters. Tidball adeptly addresses the truest definition of ‘deep state’ within the pages of his book. In addition, he successfully utilizes current forensic technologies, investigative barriers and terrorist operations and marries those aspects to American politics and societal expectations in a hypervigilant populace. He is the author of five books. For more information go

Paperback | $16.95
Published by High Pitched Hum, USA
May 15, 2020 | 354Pages | ISBN 978-0-99114847-9-9

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