Christopher Tidball, Author

Christopher Tidball

Dear Adjuster,

My business, a local bar, was forced to shut down due to the corona virus outbreak.   I have two questions?   First, can I make a claim under my policy for business interruption?   Second, as I was reading your book, Deep State, it struck me that there could be something more sinister than just a pandemic?   What are your thoughts?

Frustrated and out of work!

Dear Frustrated,

Without seeing your policy, I could not interpret the language.   You would need to review the exclusions and see what it states regarding pandemics.   Policy language varies by state and company.   I would suggest your agent as a great place to start, and if they can’t answer, then perhaps your business attorney can give you guidance.     As for something more sinister, there are many questions that still remain to be answered.  While Deep State does not discuss a pandemic, the prequel, Swoop & Squat uses the premise of a pandemic to sway the outcome of an important election.

In this particular situation we do know that the virus, Covid-19, is real.   Whether it began in a market or laboratory in Wuhan, China, will be debated for a long time, although that city is the home to suspected bio-terror labs.    If you look at the numbers, versus what is being reported, the pandemic is perhaps being sensationalized by the media.   Yes, there are deaths and taking measures to prevent the deaths is important.   But, so is your job and the economy as a whole.   Taking the sledge hammer to the most prosperous economy in history may have consequences far greater than the consequences of the virus.   In looking specifically at data shown in the NYC Health Department site (As of 4/9) 98.3% of Covid-19 patients who died had pre-existing conditions.   The question now is whether people are padding the pandemic?   A recent infant death in Connecticut was reported as Covid-19 related, yet the infant suffocated.   Heart attack, stroke and other causes of death are suddenly declining, as more deaths are reported as being related to the virus.

To you point, could there be something more sinister going on?   It is an election year with a president who is wildly unpopular but likely to win re-election in a good economy.  Every attempt to unseat him has failed, so perhaps if there is collusion between the Deep State and the Chinese government, who are very upset over new tariff’s, to tank the economy, they view this as the Hail Mary for a victory in November.

As for your business, I wish you the best and hope you can reopen sooner than later.   I would also suggest logging into the SBA site and applying for their emergency disaster relief loans that may keep you and your staff afloat for a while.

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