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As an author, Christopher Tidball is dedicated to helping his readers take the next step in their life's journey. As a business executive and consultant, he is focused on helping his client's maximize their bottom line. With more than twenty five years of executive experience in the finance and insurance industry, he understands what it takes to succeed in an increasingly complex global economy.

Read his books to learn how simple organizational and process changes can result in millions of dollars in savings. As an expert in all aspects of insurance claims, his best practices and tricks of the trade are used by a myriad of industry leaders to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  He has served as keynote or featured speaker at dozens of industry events including Combined Claims Conference, Auto, Property and Subrogation Execusummit, IASIU, NASP, HFMA and America's Claims Conference.

Christopher has been married for 25 years, has three sons, Brad, Matt and Jason.  He enjoys boating, travel, reading, spending time with family and, of course, writing. 

Just Released! 

Swoop & Squat is the latest book from author Christopher Tidball.   This is his first work of fiction and is already garnering outstanding editorial reviews.   

"An exciting look into the world of insurance investigation rarely seen by those outside of the industry.  Written in the genre of Vince Flynn and David Baldacci, this thriller will keep you guessing until the last page." - Patricia L. Harman, Editor-in-Chief, Claims Magazine

After discovering a dead body in a burned van, insurance claims investigator Jake McFarland is soon swept up in a web of intrigue that reaches the highest levels of Washington, D.C.  Readers will be sitting on the edge of their chair during the chase of the century as Jake and beautiful F.B.I. agent Carolyn Newsome try to bring down corrupt politicians, a Mexican drug cartel and a terrorist organization.  It is the ultimate race against time, as a double-crossed drug cartel kingpin gets his hands on a nuclear weapon that could destroy Los Angeles at the height of rush house.


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